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In this episode, I speak with the political theorist Patrick Deneen about Don DeLillo’s award winning novel, White Noise.  We explore the novel’s undercurrents of existential

In this episode, I explain our recent hiatus. As I’m transitioning to my new role as inaugural dean of the Honors College at University of Tulsa, we’ll be re-running ou

Episode 59

In this episode, I speak to Anthony Domestico about the poetry of TS Eliot. We discuss Eliot the man, the critic, and the poet. We contrast the Wasteland and The Four Quartets, and

Episode 58

In this episode, I speak with fellow philosopher (and substack writer) Justin E. H. Smith about the short stories of Edgar Allan Poe. This is our final episode of 2022! As always,

Episode 54

In this episode, I team up again with Karen Swallow Prior, this time to discuss what many people call “the great American novel” Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet

Episode 53

In this episode, I speak with the poet, critic, and biographer Paul Mariani, professor emeritus at Boston College. We discuss his new book, All that Will be New and his biography o

Episode 52

In this episode, I speak with my friends, Fr. Thomas Joseph White, OP and Fr. Jonah Teller, OP about the relationship between art, truth, and beauty, sacred and profane music, how

Episode 49

In this episode, I speak with the writer, editor, and critic, Christopher Beha, about the Danish bildungsroman by Henrik Pontoppidan, Lucky Per. We focus on Per’s struggle to

Episode 48

In this episode, I speak with philosopher Thomas Hibbs (Baylor) about Dostoyevsky’s famous novel,  Crime and Punishment.  We discuss how Raskolnikov gets trapped in various 

Episode 47

Justin E. H. Smith is professor of philosophy in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Paris. In 2019-20, I was the John and Constance Birkelund

Episode 44

In this episode, I speak with Dr. Kevin Kambo about Sophocles’ Oedipus Rex, in light of an essay by Louise Cowan titled “The Tragic Abyss.” Cowan argues that tragedy is “a

Episode 39

In this episode, I speak with Michial Farmer about the philosopher and playwright Gabriel Marcel–more specifically, we discuss his play, Thirst, and one of his essays, “The M

Episode 35

In this episode, literary critic Morten Høi Jensen and I discuss the Danish novelist and poet, Jens Peter Jacobsen, and his beautiful novel, Niels Lyhne. Niels is a man search

Episode 34

“Heaven is a place where nothing, nothing ever happens...” Talking Heads OK, friends, we are finally in Paradise, with our faithful guides Beatrice, St. Bernard, and of course,

Episode 28

In this episode, I have a wide-ranging conversation with Agnes Callard. We discuss our experience teaching the Great Books Core at the University of Chicago, as well as why philoso

Episode 21

Like everyone else, my life has been upended by the global pandemic.  I have five kids in public schools here in South Carolina (plus one very rambunctious and ornery toddler), so

Episode 19

After a long winter’s nap–i.e., the end of the semester madness followed by holidays with my family–I am back to releasing new episodes of Sacred and Profane Love.  I am sta

Episode 18

In episode 18 of Sacred and Profane Love, I speak with my friend, Fr. Gregory Maria Pine, O.P., about the virtue of hope in Cormac McCarthy’s painfully beautiful novel, The Road

Episode 15

In episode 15 of Sacred and Profane Love, titled, “Faustian Ambitions,” I speak with my colleague and neighbor, Professor Anne Pollok, about Johann  Wolfgang von Goethe’s fa

Episode 5

In Episode 5 of Sacred & Profane Love, Professor Jennifer A. Frey (University of South Carolina) discusses the erotic impulse and experience with Professor of philosophy Talbot

Episode 1

In Episode 1 of the podcast Sacred & Profane Love, philosopher Jennifer A. Frey has a conversation with the Thomist theologian, Father Thomas Joseph White, O.P., about Aquinas